Looking for a multispecialty clinic right in the heart of Stop and Shop along Sta. Mesa area, one can surely not miss Konsulta @ Resulta Medical Clinic & Laboratory. With its vasts quality medical services namely specialty consulations, laboratory tests, ECG, XRAY and even General and OB-GYN Diagnostic sonography (ultrasound) at a low, affordable and cost effective package prices. Also, consultants who would wish to be part of the KR team may be given slots to hold clinic during their preferred time.

It was during early 2008 when spouses Dr. Randy Limon and Dr. Marites Cong-Limon thought of putting up a clinic that only requires a monthly rental. But with the outpouring of colleagues having similar concerns, the couple ended up putting a self-sustaining clinic, not requiring an investment stock or RTP (Right to Practice) taking into consideration the common scenario for a starting physician who would want to hold practice in a hospital setting requiring an ample amount just to jumpstart their profession. Such budget may most of the time be a burden to them especially to their parents who will have to sacrifice just to produce the needed amount. Hence, the birth of Konsulta @ Resulta. Today, the clinic caters seven different fields of specialty and also has accreditations in more than fifteen HMO's making it one of the most sought after clinic for people who would want comfortability with their treatment with an excellent doctor-patient relationship just like what every patient would wish for as they go for a consult.